Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Also the future of the web is not about search, it´s about creating.

Start your career at bitstars

bitstars is a software engineering company that focuses on topics around augmented and virtual reality like user experience and ease of use. We aim to always deliver the best products to our costumers no matter whether B2B or B2C. Therefore, we at bitstars are building and working with cutting edge technologies and algorithms.

We are looking for great minds who want to be part of our start-up journey. Not only talents with engineering background are welcome, if you are a designer (UI/UX), 3D artist, game developer, usability engineer or interaction designer, business developer or a lecturer, contact us. We simply want you, if you are self confident and eager to learn.

Creative work at the bitstars office bitstars coffee machine surrounded by androids genious at work in the bitstars dev center bitstars Android barbecue - career in android programming

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